iMazing – Limited 50% Offer

   It’s that “crazy” month of the year, November that is, and black Fridays are available on many real and virtual stores. If you read our review of the iMazing app and decided to wait for a price slash, here is your chance to get it with the price 50% off. The offer started Thursday and it lasts until Cyber Monday, on iMazing’s store.

   We wish to add that you can connect your iOS devices to the computer where you have iMazing installed wirelessly: all you need is to have the devices connected to the same network. This will certainly increase the speed with which you can transfer files of bigger sizes. With iMazing you can also scan your iOS devices for spyware in order to avoid nasty apps running in the background.

   You can also manage your contacts, get easier access to your photos. You can also have an unlimited number of backups of your data, apps, documents and files from your iOS devices. iMazing is a breath of fresh air when you need to handle your iOS devices – make the iOS gadgets work your way as much as possible, without any risks or dodgy modifications to iOS.

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